Speak your CFO's language - Managing risk and opportunity in supply chains

March 10 | 11 am ET

Technology, global, economic and political dynamics are changing how supply chain leaders must think about strategies. As quickly as circumstances change, so do the increasingly high expectations against which leaders are held accountable.

Success will depend not only on the agility and resiliency in which they respond to disruption, but also the business value created. The potential for results is real, as Professor Morgan Swink’s academically rigorous research shows. His findings reveal the correlation between the capabilities enabled by RapidResponse and the improvement of financial metrics, such as return-on-invested capital, asset turnover and even stock price.

To demonstrate this value, CSCOs must now look to their CFOs as their greatest potential partner, and supply chain leaders must learn how to speak the CFO’s language, including articulating:

  • The implications of supply chain design and execution choices
  • How digital transformation opportunities can impact income statements and balance sheets

By expanding the scopes of factors they consider, the metrics they track and the time horizons they plan for, supply chain leaders can use the bigger picture in convincing CFOs to justify investments in supply chain. Join us to explore how supply chains can capitalize on disruption to drive financial value.

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Morgan Swink, Professor, Texas Christian University

Dr. Morgan Swink teaches and leads research in areas of supply chain management, innovation management, project management, and operations strategy. Dr. Swink’s current research projects address digital transformation, innovation management, servitization, visibility, collaborative integration, and financial impacts of supply management policies. He was recently ranked among the top ten innovation management scholars in the world, and among the top 75 most productive operations management scholars.

Patrick Van Hull, Industry Thought Leader, Kinaxis

Patrick is an industry thought leader within the Kinaxis Strategy Office. His diverse career in supply chain began as a practitioner with roles in inventory management at CVS Health, supply demand management at Apple, and inventory and production planning at both Rio Tinto and Dell. Following his time in the high-tech, mining and consumer products industries, Patrick was a research vice president at SCM World, and then Gartner.

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Lockheed Martin

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