WEBINAR | AUG 23 – 10 A.M. ET (2 P.M. GMT)

Supply Chain Management: Striking a Balance between Speed and Accuracy

Accuracy is important, but so is agility. The correct use of planning techniques allows us to have an accurate and agile plan

Heuristics, optimization and AI all have an important role in the planning process, how when and why should we use these different techniques

On August 7, Matt Spooner will complete the transcontinental cycling race, a grueling 4000km self supported event, raced by some of the world’s best ultra cyclists. Planning and executing this race requires Speed, agility and accuracy in almost the same way that planning a supply chain requires speed, accuracy and agility. In the same way that digital tools have transformed Supply Chain management, Digital tools have transformed ultra distance cycling. Matt brings together his cycling and his supply chain experience to provide a compelling perspective in a way that you have never heard before.

Reasons to attend:


No theory and no hype, just example-based stories that will help you to understand what “striking the balance” really means


An honest discussion whether Generative AI will change the goalposts on balancing speed and accuracy


Hear a great story about pain and suffering and pushing to the limit – and that’s only the supply chain bit


Matt Spooner,
Industry Thought Leader,


Peter MacLeod,
Logistics Business Magazine


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