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Kinaxis a leader in Nucleus Control Tower Value Matrix

When ranking technology solutions in its Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2019, Nucleus Research cites machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms as key capabilities. Specifically, Nucleus cites the ability to review historical performance data to provide a larger contextual picture when exceptions in the supply chain network arise as cornerstone functionality in their ranking.

The research firm named Kinaxis® a leader for the value it delivers to customers with its suite of planning applications on its RapidResponse® platform. Using RapidResponse, planners have a real-time view of their organization’s entire ecosystem, eliminating silos between functional groups within a company, as well as an extended view outside the company’s four walls.

The report provides a complete assessment of the state of the control tower market. It ranks Kinaxis as a Leader, and places the company highest on the usability axis, noting the practical application of technology and ease of use as central strategic tenets and as a solution that resonates with customers who have often been bogged down by legacy solutions and internal silos.

Read Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Technology Value Matrix to get an in-depth review of the control tower market and learn more about Kinaxis’ placement as a leader.

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