Are you sure you’re making the best decision?

Be confident your decisions will lead to success

Successfully managing your supply chain means making decisions – a lot of them. Tradeoffs are everywhere. But are you confident the choices you’re making are the right ones?

Our latest innovations redefine the supply chain planning experience by building on the power of RapidResponse® and concurrent planning with new data visualizations and analysis capabilities. Executives to planners can now easily solve complex planning problems, manage volatility like regulation changes, SKU proliferation and growing consumer expectations, and know they have the right information to make the best decisions to maximize business performance.

Live Lens

Designed with on-the-go team members in mind, Live Lens connects executives and planners to collaborate and make faster decisions. You’ll get visibility into the most critical areas of your supply chain and an at-a-glance view into how your company is measuring up against key corporate metrics like revenue and gross margin.

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BOM and Network Visualization

With BOM (bill of materials) and network visualizations, you can identify supply chain hotspots and see, understand and act quickly when changes to parts, processes or suppliers arise. Instantly recognize potential substitution options, what co-products and by-products are involved, and detailed material requirements faster for improved planning, costing and overall supply chain performance.

Meaningful insight discovery

Personalized reports and dashboards provide an intuitive and responsive view of data and allow you to discover insights and uncover issues and opportunities. Through drag and drop capabilities, reshape your planning experience for ease of use and greater productivity.

Helping you transform your decision-making

Kinaxis keeps data, processes and people in sync by creating visibility across the complete supply chain in seconds, enhancing flexibility with intuitive and responsive reporting, and improving decision-making agility by understanding end-to-end impacts instantly.

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Revolutionize your supply chain planning with Kinaxis RapidResponse®. Our concurrent planning capabilities connect your data, processes and people in a single platform across business functions.