Supply chain transformation

Real stories of innovation

Discover how supply chain transformation is changing companies’ approach to end-to-end planning and shaping the planning roles of the future. Watch this video from a recent Gartner panel to learn about the techniques that are advancing the supply chain, including:

  • How cross-functional alignment is shrinking the S&OP cycle
  • Why faster response times have eliminated the need for perfect plans
  • How better visibility is empowering planners to become decision-makers

Join Kinaxis CEO John Sicard and panelists Scott Lutz, Director of Global Supply Chain Planning and Inventory at Bose; Swapneel Vaidya, Director of Supply Chain Center of Excellence at Boston Scientific, and Prabhu Valiveti, Senior Director of Next Generation Planning Solutions at ON Semiconductor for “Supply chain transformation: Real stories of innovation.”

Watch the Gartner panel:

Trinity Industries Inc.
Lockheed Martin

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