Digital innovation and the supply chain

Faced with ever-increasing consumer expectations and the volatility caused by trade, tariffs and regulatory changes, companies can no longer succeed with outdated planning processes, siloed functions and cascaded decision-making.

Digitization plays a key role in transforming old planning processes and systems into modern day ones that keep up with the pace of change. Managing digital transformation may be complex but reaping the rewards from it shouldn’t be. Read this Raconteur report to:

  • Learn about considerations for making digitization a reality across your organization
  • Find out why a shift in mindset is necessary for a successful transformation
  • Get insights into the benefits of digital transformation that you can use to “manage up”
  • Discover five helpful tips for rewiring your supply chain for a new digital age
  • Take a look at what the future holds for supply chains in the next five years

Read the report:

Trinity Industries Inc.
Lockheed Martin

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