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Companies with mature supply chains drive innovation, lead transformation and set the standard for competitive differentiation among their peers. We’ve commissioned IDC to uncover the strengths that make better performance possible, including:

  • Competitive differentiation: Companies that embrace strategic, proactive supply chain transformation are twice as likely to predict their supply chain will be a source of competitive differentiation in 2023.
  • Business performance: Companies with more mature supply chain planning capabilities, like an integrated planning suite and functional collaboration, outperform less mature competitors in their markets.
  • Resiliency: 48% of all companies say supply chain resiliency is a top priority in the next year – even among those who are already more resilient than their peers.

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Simon Ellis
Program Vice President, Supply Chain Strategies

Simon Ellis currently leads the Global Supply Chain Strategies practices at IDC Manufacturing Insights, specializing in advising clients on supply chain digital transformation, network and ecosystem design, supply chain planning, global sourcing, transportation and logistics. With almost 35 years of experience in manufacturing, working across all major areas of the supply chain, Simon previously was the Supply Chain Strategy Director for Unilever North America.

Harish Iyer
Vice President, Industry and Solutions, Kinaxis

Harish has been helping customers across the world drive supply chain and procurement transformation for more than 20 years. He is passionate about simplifying the complex, and identifying value propositions for customers that can be achieved using easy-to-use and understand solutions. As Vice President of Industry and Solutions at Kinaxis, Harish is responsible for defining, launching and evangelizing the company’s solutions to target industries and geographies worldwide.

Trinity Industries Inc.
Lockheed Martin

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