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Accelerate innovation and time-to-value with new app and algorithm building

Real supply chain challenges solved. Exactly the way you need them to be. Kinaxis®, an expert in delivering hyper-agile, synchronized supply chains, can now help you turn your supply chain dreams into reality even faster with its expanded platform capabilities.

Kinaxis RapidResponse® is the first and only concurrent planning platform with the power to create custom, interconnected applications and algorithms, and put external analytics to use in practical, profitable ways across your supply chain ecosystem.

Now you can accelerate innovation, shorten time-to-value and maximize your competitive and intellectual advantage with the ability to:

  • Build, certify and license applications using industry-standard languages and tools through the application builder framework, which includes improvements to the existing no-code authoring experience and the introduction of a new Developer Studio for advanced creation. Apply the strength of RapidResponse to more types of applications across functional areas to further connect and synchronize the planning ecosystem.
  • Create and run embedded algorithms directly within RapidResponse in addition to having access to world-class Kinaxis-built supply chain planning algorithms. Companies can now leverage custom logic as part of any application, scenario or analysis, taking full advantage of RapidResponse’s unique always-on concurrent planning engine.
  • Transform complex data relationships from tables into visual analytics with enhancements to the RapidResponse user experience, including a new, unique interactive supply chain network map that lets planners explore and manipulate data faster than ever before.
  • Bring together the supply chain ecosystem easily with new connectors to systems like SAP Cloud Platform and Salesforce.com, and the ability to connect and operationalize external algorithms using optimization and machine learning scripts and languages like R. These integration points help companies better utilize real-time data and seamlessly close the loop with plan execution in ERP systems.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how these new developer capabilities can help you reimagine your planning reality.

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Revolutionize your supply chain planning with Kinaxis RapidResponse®. Our concurrent planning capabilities connect your data, processes and people in a single platform across business functions.